Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Heavenly Delicious Rahman Satay @ 2828 Cafe, Perak Road, Penang. (Halal)

I accidentally stumbled into this Rahman Satay when I was invited to a dinner at 2828 Cafe which is located at the T-junction of Perak Road & Lim Khoon Huat Road by my friend  last year (i.e. 2011). My friend ordered a few dishes from one of the popular 'Chu Char' Dishes from Kim Hooi Seafood for our dinner. While we were waiting to be served, my friend ordered a few sticks of satay which were made up of chicken, mutton and beef flavors from the Rahman Satay Stall. We had the Rahman Satays as our starters. I found that the Rahman Satays were very tasty and delicious. The Rahman Satay Stall is located at the right hand side of the 2828 Cafe along Perak Road.

I always patronize the 2828 Cafe during the day time for the Beef Koay Teow Soup (

After tasting the yummy Rahman Satay, I craved for it and went there again. This time I was well prepared and armed with a camera to take snaps of the Rahman Satays.

No. 01 : General View of 2828 Cafe from the main road of Perak Road, Penang.

Location Map of Rahman Satay Stall
Google Map GPS : 5.41698,100.316511

Contact :-
019 - 4497862 (Rahman)
019 - 472 1523 (Nor Hilma)
017 - 4673602 (Nasir)

Business Hours
From : 6.30pm to 11.00pm
Closed on every Monday

Price List :-
1)  Chicken Satay - RM0.60 per Stick
2)  Mutton Satay - RM0.90 per Stick
3)  Beef Satay - RM0.80 per Stick

For further infomation :-
Rahman Satay also provides catering for all occasions.
The order must be more than 500 sticks of any flavor.

No. 02 : Business Card of Rahman Satay

No. 03 : Contact numbers were on the side of the display glass cabinet

 No. 04 : Price List on the side of the display glass cabinet

No. 05 : The Satays were carefully arranged in an orderly manner to enable him to control the barqued satays

No. 00 : The choices of satays in the glass display cabinet

No. 06 : Closed up view of uncooked Chicken Satays
RM0.70 per Sticks

No. 07 : Closed up view of uncooked Mutton Satays
RM0.90 per Stick

No. 08 : Closed up view of uncooked Beef Satays
RM0.80 per Stick

No. 09 : Cut Cucumbers and Onions

Wherever you go, you will always find that the satays are accompanied by cut cucumbers and onions.

No. 10 : View of barqued  Rahman Satays accompanied with the cut cucumber & onions together with the peanut gravy

Rating of the Taste : 4/5
Note : 1-2 (Poor) / 3 (Average) / 4 (Good) / 5 (Excellent)

The satays are always served with cut onions and cucumber together with mild spicy roasted peanuts gravy which is everyone's favourite. The satays were well marinated and barqued. I find that the satay still maintained its succulent with slight aroma of lemon grass after it has been barqued.

No. 11 : Closed up view of barqued Chicken Satays

No. 12 : Closed up view of barqued Mutton Satays
Note : Please be advised to eat the barqued Mutton Satays while are they still warm
or else you will find that the meat will be tough to chew

No. 13 : Closed up view of barqued Beef Satays
Note : Please be advised to eat the barqued Beef Satays while are they still warm
or else you will find that the meat will be tough to chew

No. 14 : Closed up view of the Peanut Gravy with mild spicy taste
Everyone's favorite Peanut Gravy.
Always loved by Old and Young ones. 

No. 15 : The Satay was coated with the Peanut Gravy

No. 16 : Chilled Beer is always a good pairing with Satays.

If you are beer drinker do not forget to pair the satays with your favorite beer. Cheeeeers !!!!


  1. Satay has always been my all-time favourite Nom. Yum!!

  2. Sam I noticed the satays are mostly badly burnt. Is it supposed to be like that?