Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kedai Makanan Fok Kee, Penang. (Non Halal)

Ah Fok has been a chef for more than 30 years and was attached to one of the famous restaurant at China Street, Penang for a number of years before he opened this restaurant by himself finally. His wife was also formerly attached with same the restaurant at China Street, Penang too.

'Kedai Makanan Fok Kee' is located at No. 56, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling (formerly known as Pitt Street), 10200 Penang and serves mainly cantonese dishes.

Location Map of 'Kedai Makanan Fok Kee'
Google Map GPS : 5.417877,100.33828

No. 01 : View of Kedai Makanan Fok Kee from
Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling (formerly known as Pitt Street)

No. 02 : Ah Fok in action at the Cooking Area

No. 03 : Business Card of Kedai Makan Fok Kee

Contact :-
Handphone # : 016 - 422 4388
Business Hours : Lunch & Dinner (11.00 am - 9.00pm)
Close on Monday (every fortnigth)

Strongly recommend Dishes:-

1. Sweet & Sour Pork
2. Stir Fried Kang Kong with Chillies
3. Tom Yum Curry Fish Head (Dry & Wet)

The Prices are Reasonable.

No. 04 : The Menu with the Price on the Wall

No. 05 :  'Or Kaw Bak'

Rating of the Taste : 4/5

No. 06 : Stir Fried - Long Beans, Brinjals & Skrimps with Chili  Paste.

Rating of the Taste : 4/5

That is my daughter's favourite
No. 07 : Eggs Omelette with Onions, 'Lau Te Boon' Soup & 'Kom Poh' Chicken.
Prices for 5 Dishes + Drinks (5 pac) = RM44.00

Rating of the Taste : 4/5

UPDATE : 5TH JAN, 2011.

On 5th January 2011 (i.e. Wed), I patronized the restaurant  and found out that certain items have been increased from RM0.50 - RM2.00 because there were increased of prices in pork, spices and etc lately. The taste of dishes are still remain unchange.
No. 08 : The Menu with the Price on the Wall.
There were changes in prices for 7 items.
No. 09 : Stir Fried - Vegetable Kang Kong with Shrimps & Chili Paste.
RM6.00 per Small Plate

Rating of the Taste : 4/5

No. 10 : Claypot Hakka Roast Pork

Rating of the Taste : 4/5

No. 11 : Shark Fin 'Tau Fu" Soup
RM8.00 per Small Bowl

Rating of the Taste : 4/5

The bowl of Shark Fin 'Tau Fu' Soup is just nice for 4 pax per serving only.
Optional to add vinegar to taste.

No. 12 : Closed Up View of the Shark Fin 'Tau Fu' Soup

The above dishes inclusive of rice, drinks & 1 bottle of Big Bottle of Tiger Beer cost RM35.00.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Best Home Made Egg & Coconut Jam, Magazine Road, Penang.

This is truly the Best Home Made Egg & Coconut Jam. To the local it is known as "Kaya Jam".

Egg & Coconut Jam is commonly found in most of the coffee shop/'kopitam'. It is used to spread on bread/toasted bread for breakfast or tea. Not forgetting to go with 'Pulut Tai Tai' (Nyonya Kuih). Some local people call it 'Kuih Kaya'. You may try to spread it on the Cream Cracker for light snack.

'Kaya' in Bahasa Malaysia means 'Rich'. Who knows after taking this will become rich..LOL

It is sold on the counter of the 'Kopitam' at No. 227, Magazine Road, Penang (Opposite Komtar/Near to Traffice Light/Near Gama).

Location Map
Google Map GPS : 5.413834,100.329058

No. 01 : View of the 'Kopitam' at No. No. 227, Magazine Road, Penang

Business Hours :-
8.00 am until late afternoon.

Closed on every Sunday.

Price : RM2.70 per Container.

No. 02 : Have to keep on stirring the 'Kaya Jam' to prevent it from being burnt.

No. 03 : Eggs and Coconut Milk are mixed together

No. 04 : The 'Kaya Jam' are ready for Sale at the counter
Price : RM2.70 per Container

Rating of the Taste : 4/5

You will always find it Fresh & No preservative is added to it.

 UPDATED ON 15th JULY 2010 (i.e. FRI)

 No. 05 : The Price of 'Kaya Jam' has been increased to RM3.10
(Note : Increased by RM0.40)

No. 06 : View of the 'Kaya Jam'
Rating of the Taste : 4/5 (Still Remai Unchanged)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

'Bak Moey' (Pork Porridge) @ Lorong Kampung Malabar. (Non Halal)

This 'Bak Moey' (Pork Porridge) is very popular among the Penangnites and it is located at Lorong Kampung Malabar beside Kedai Kopi Ho Ping. The Stall is nearby to the junction of Lorong Kampung Malabar and Penang Road and has been operating there for more than 40 years.

During the peak hours, you must prepare to wait for 1/2 hour for the arrival of your favourite soup. Normally on Saturday and Sunday Nights, you will find a large crowd of customers at the stall.

The Location Map of 'Bak Moey' (Pork Porridge) @ Lorong Kampung Malabar, Penang.
Google Map GPS : 5.419335,100.33225

No. 01 : View of Kedai Kopi Ho Ping at Penang Road.
'Bak Moey' Stall is on left of the photo.

No. 02 : View of the 'Bak Moey' Stall

No. 03 : The Menu with the Prices

Business Hours :-
6.00pm until 12.00 Midnight

Closed on every Thursday

Besides the 'Bak Moey' (Pork Porridge), you can find Bee Hoon (Thin & Fat Rice Vermicelli are sometimes also known as Rice Noodle or Rice Sticks), 'Mee Sua/Misau' (Salted Chinese Noodle) and 'Cheok' (Rice Congee).

Prices :-
RM4.20 per Small Bowl with Pork Balls
RM4.70 per Medium Bowl
RM5.50 per Big Bowl

No. 04 : Closed Up View of the 'Bak Moey' (Pork Porridge) Stall

No. 05 : A Bowl of Bee Hoon (Thin Rice Vermicelli) Soup
RM4.20 per Bowl

Rating of the Taste : 3/5

I prefer my soup to be clear.


No. 06 : View of 'Bak Moey' (Pork Porridge) at Lorong Kampung Malabar

No. 07 : Increased of Prices

RM6.00 per Big Bowl (Increased by RM0.50 from RM5.50)
RM4.70 per Bowl with Pork Balls Only (Increased by RM0.50 from RM4.20)

No. 08 : 'Bak Moey' (Pork Porridge) with Pork Balls Only
RM4.70 per Bowl

No. 09 : A Bowl of Bee Hong (Thin Rice Vermicelli)
with Egg & Pig's Organs (i.e. Brain and etc)
 UPDATED ON 30th MARCH, 2012 (i.e. FRIDAY)

No. 01 : General View showing the New Location of the 'Bak Moey' Restaurant at Lorong Kampung Malabar. 
At present, the Premises are under renovation and also a few doors away 
from the present place.

 UPDATED ON 14th JULY, 2013 (i.e. SUNDAY)

At last they managed to move into the new Premises a few weeks ago and it has been named 'Hon Kei Food Corner'
No. 01 : A Notification Banner has been place on the original stall infront of Kedai Kopi Ho Ping

No. 02 : The signage of Hon Kei Food Corner

No. 03 : General Day View of Hon Kei Food Corner.

No. 04 : General Night View of Hon Kei Food Corner.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Banana Leaf Rice @ Kedai Makanan Veloo Vilas (Halal)

Kedai Makanan Veloo Vilas is located at No. 22, Penang Street, Penang.

Location Map of Kedai Makan Veloo Vilas (Banana Leaf Rice)
Google Map GPS : 5.418748,100.341101

This is a typical banana leaf rice. It has been operating for more than 30 years in the Heritage Zone of Penang.

In the 70s, the dining area was located at the rare portion of the premises with air well and it was so cooling.

They have 2 types of Dishes. One is vegetrian and the other one is non-vegetrian.
They also serve Thosai in the morning.

Please take note that "No Smoking" in the restaurant.

No. 01 : View of Kedai Makanan Veloo Vilas at No. 22, Penang Street, Penang.

No. 02 : Display of Menu before the Entrance

No. 03 : Menu with the Price List on the Wall.

No. 04 : The interior of Kedai Makanan Veloo Vilas - The Dinning Area.

No. 05 : View of the Ordered Banana Leaf Rice.
Value = RM10.70

Rice (No limit)
Chicken Curry
Mutton Curry
Veg Curry
2 pcs of Appalam
1 cup of Thayir

Rating of the Taste : 4/5