Monday, May 31, 2010

Hokkien Mee @ Kedai Kopi Swee Kong, Pulau Tikus, Penang (Non Halal)

This Stall is one of the popular Hokkien Mees on Penang Island.

The Hokkien Mee Stall is located inside Kedai Kopi Swee Kong at the Junction of Burmah Road & Solok Moulmein, Pulau Tikus, Penang. If you want to try out the tasty Hokkien Mee, you must be there early before 10.00am to avoid disppointment because of sold out.

Location Map of the Hokkien Mee @ Kedai Kopi Swee Kong
Google Map GPS : 5.43047,100.312691

No. 01 : View of the Kedai Kopi Swee Kong at the Junction of
Burmah Road & Solok Moulmein, Pulau Tikus, Penang

No. 02 : View of the Hokkien Stall inside the Kedai Kopi Swee Kong

No. 03 : Closed Up View of the Hokkien Mee Stall

Business Hours :-
7.00am - 10.00am
Close on every Thursday.
Price : RM2.50 per Small Bowl

No. 04 : View of a simple Hokkien Mee with no additional stuff.
RM2.50 per Small Bowl.

Rating of the Taste : 4/5

 UP DATED ON 13th JUNE 2011 (i.e. MON)

On 13th June 2011 Morning, I had a strong urge to eat the Hokkien Mee at Kedai Kopi Swee Kong because I have not patronized the stall for a long time. When I ordered the Hokkien Mee, I noticed there was a new price list which was placed in the glass cabinet and realized that the prices have been increased by RM0.50.

No. 05 : The display of the New Price List

No. 06 : A Bowl of Hokkien Mee
RM3.00 per Small Bowl

The Taste was still remained unchanged

Although the price has been increased by RM0.50, the quantity did not increase. In fact, I felt that the quantity has became lesser than before. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Popular Hussain Sate @ Food Complek of Balik Pulau (Halal)

Hussain Sate is very popular among the people who are living in Balik Pulau and nearby.
It is located in the 'Kompleks Gerai Makan' beside the 'Kompleks Pasar Awam Balik Pulau' of Lintang Bukit Penara 1. The Number of Stall is # 59.

The grandfather was a satay vendor behind the old cinema near the old market of Balik Pulau. He used to set up his stall just liked the old malay movies (B&W) with 2 baskets and a few small stools around.

I was given to understand that this satay business has been passed down to 3 generations.

Location Map of Hussain Sate Stall
Google Map GPS : 5.351385,100.237895

Contact :-
Hussain : HP # 019 - 414 209
Zakaria : HP # 012 - 5344 190
604 - 866 9642 (Tel)

Business Hours : 4pm to 9pm
Closed on Sunday

No. 01 : View of the Kompleks Pasar Awam Balik Pulau

No. 02 : Entrance of 'Kompleks Gerai Makan'

No. 03 : View of the Hussain Sate Stall No. 59

It is location along the Halal Food Section of the Complek.
There are 2 Sections. One is Non-Halal and the other one is Halal.

No. 04 : Price List showing RM0.25 per Stick.

There are 2 choices of Satay. One is Chicken Meat and the other one is Beef.

No. 05 : Using Charcoal to BBQ the Satay

No. 06 : 2 Choice of Satay Flavour.

The Satay is about 6cm long only.
Beef Satay - The Darker Colour/On the Left Side of the Plate.
Chicken Satay - The Lighter Colour/Yellowish/On the Right Side of the Plate.
It never fails to serve without cut Onions and Cucumber.

No. 07 :  Nasi Himpit (Compressed Rice)
RM0.50 per packet

I still prefer 'Ketupat' then Nasi Himpit (Compressed Rice)

No. 08 : Plate of Curry Peanut Gravy

No. 09 : 10 Sticks of Satay (5 Sticks of Chicken Flavour & 5 Sticks of Beef Flavour) and 1 piece of Nasi Himpit served together with a plate of Curry Peanut Gravy

Rating of the Taste : 4/5
(C & G = Cheap & Good)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Penang Famous Teo Chew Chendul @ Keng Kwee Street

This Teo Chew Chendul is very popular dessert among the Penangites and as well as the tourists.
It has been operating at the narrow street of Keng Kwee Street for more than 30 years.

Location Map of Penang Famous Teo Chew Chendul
Google Map GPS : 5.417156,100.330673

No. 01 : View of the narrow Keng Kwee Street from Penang Road

No. 02 : The Signage of the Penang Famous Teo Chew Chendul

Normally you will find a lot of people will crowd around the stall on Saturday & Sunday Afternoon for the Teow Chew Chendul.
If you are lucky you will find empty table or chair/stools to enjoy the Teo Chew Chendul.
Most of the customers who patronize the stall have to stand while eating the Chendul.

 No. 03 : View of the Penang Famous Teo Chew Chendul Stall with
the Customers enjoying the Chendul while standing

No. 04 : Fresh Chendul soaked in the Glass Jar

No. 05 : Red Beans to be added into the Teo Chew Chendul

Business Hours: Afternoon until Evening (6.30pm)

Price :
RM1.80 per Small Bowl
RM2.00 per Small Packet for take away.

No. 06 : A small bowl of Teo Chew Chendul ........RM1.80
Rating of the Taste : 3/5

Even the celebrities from Phau Chu Kang Pte Ltd (Singapore Sitcom) patronized the Penang Famous Teo Chew Chendul.

No. 07 : Display of a Photograph showing the Phua Chu Kang and Rossie
 posed with the Boss of the Penang Famous Teo Chendul.


No. 08 : This Plant is used to make Drinkings

The local people in Penang call it 'Chieh Chao' (Green Grass) and it has many Therapeutic Uses. Some believe that it will help the cool down their bodies' temperature during the hot weather day from falling sick.

The Malays will call it 'Pokok Pegaga'.

Name botanical Centella asiatica.

No. 09 : View of the Drink made from the 'Chieh Chao' (Green Grass)

No. 10 : View of the Premises which is rented by the Penang Famous Teo Chew Chendul for his customers to enjoy their favourites comfortably

The Premises is located about less than 100 ft away from the Stall.

No. 11 : The Entrance of the Premises

No. 12 : The Interior View of the Premises with the Pictures showing the Celebraties who patronised the Penang Famous Teo Chew Chendul on both side of the Walls

No. 13 : A Laksa Stall and a Rojak Stall at the Entrance of the Premises

The Laksa Stall is located on the Left Side before the Door of the Premises is
selling RM3.00 per bowl of Assam Laksa.
The Rojak Stall is located on the Right Side before the Door of the Premises is
selling RM4.00 - RM6.00 per Plate.
The Tastes of the Assam Laksa and Rojak are acceptable.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Popular Yam Rice @ Sin Chew Coffee Shop (Non Halal)

Popular Yam Rice is located at Sin Chew of No. 41, Lebuh Katz, 10300 Penang (i.e.The Cross Junction of Lebuh Mcnair, Lebuh Katz and Lebuh Cucil).

The Location Map of Popular Yam Rice.
Google Map GPS : 5.408857,100.329321

The local people will call Katz Street (Lak Tiaw Lor (6th Road)).
Normally the place will be packed with office workers during the peak hour/lunch break (1.00pm to 2.00pm).

Their Signature Food .... White Carrot Soup and Stew Pork Leg.

Business Hours : Lunch Only.
Contact : Lay Keow (H/P # 016-455 3071) / Lay Kheng (H/P # 016-425 9425)
Prices : Reasonable.

Business Card of Yam Rice with the Location Map

No. 01 : View of SRJK (C) Beng Teik which is located opposite of
Yam Rice (Sin Chew Coffee Shop).

No. 02 : View of the SRJK (C) Eng Chuan.

No. 03 : View of Sin Chew Coffee Shop at the Junction of Mc Nair Street & Katz Street.
The Building has been considered as Heritage.

No. 04 : The Interior of Sin Chew Coffee Shop.

No. 05 : A Bowl of Yam Rice.

No. 06 : White Carrot Soup with 'Bak Kut' with 'Jiu Hu See - Signature Dish.'
(Hokkien: Chai Tau Th'ng)
Note : When you order a bowl of this soup, you will get free top up.

No. 07 : 'Bak Kin' Soup

No. 08 : Closed Up View of 'Bak Kin'

No. 09 : Stew Pork with Black Soya Sauce (Hokkien: Tau Ewe Bak).
RM3.00 per Small Bowl with 3 pieces of Pork.

No. 10 : Bittergourd with Eggs.

No. 11 : 'Lor Bak' - Deep Fried Seasoned Sliced Pork wrap up with Bean Curb Skin.

No. 12 : Shrimp Fritters.

No. 13 : Assam Shrimps  - Shrimps seasoned with Tamarind.