Thursday, May 13, 2010

Popular Hussain Sate @ Food Complek of Balik Pulau (Halal)

Hussain Sate is very popular among the people who are living in Balik Pulau and nearby.
It is located in the 'Kompleks Gerai Makan' beside the 'Kompleks Pasar Awam Balik Pulau' of Lintang Bukit Penara 1. The Number of Stall is # 59.

The grandfather was a satay vendor behind the old cinema near the old market of Balik Pulau. He used to set up his stall just liked the old malay movies (B&W) with 2 baskets and a few small stools around.

I was given to understand that this satay business has been passed down to 3 generations.

Location Map of Hussain Sate Stall
Google Map GPS : 5.351385,100.237895

Contact :-
Hussain : HP # 019 - 414 209
Zakaria : HP # 012 - 5344 190
604 - 866 9642 (Tel)

Business Hours : 4pm to 9pm
Closed on Sunday

No. 01 : View of the Kompleks Pasar Awam Balik Pulau

No. 02 : Entrance of 'Kompleks Gerai Makan'

No. 03 : View of the Hussain Sate Stall No. 59

It is location along the Halal Food Section of the Complek.
There are 2 Sections. One is Non-Halal and the other one is Halal.

No. 04 : Price List showing RM0.25 per Stick.

There are 2 choices of Satay. One is Chicken Meat and the other one is Beef.

No. 05 : Using Charcoal to BBQ the Satay

No. 06 : 2 Choice of Satay Flavour.

The Satay is about 6cm long only.
Beef Satay - The Darker Colour/On the Left Side of the Plate.
Chicken Satay - The Lighter Colour/Yellowish/On the Right Side of the Plate.
It never fails to serve without cut Onions and Cucumber.

No. 07 :  Nasi Himpit (Compressed Rice)
RM0.50 per packet

I still prefer 'Ketupat' then Nasi Himpit (Compressed Rice)

No. 08 : Plate of Curry Peanut Gravy

No. 09 : 10 Sticks of Satay (5 Sticks of Chicken Flavour & 5 Sticks of Beef Flavour) and 1 piece of Nasi Himpit served together with a plate of Curry Peanut Gravy

Rating of the Taste : 4/5
(C & G = Cheap & Good)

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