Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Popular Yam Rice @ Sin Chew Coffee Shop (Non Halal)

Popular Yam Rice is located at Sin Chew of No. 41, Lebuh Katz, 10300 Penang (i.e.The Cross Junction of Lebuh Mcnair, Lebuh Katz and Lebuh Cucil).

The Location Map of Popular Yam Rice.
Google Map GPS : 5.408857,100.329321

The local people will call Katz Street (Lak Tiaw Lor (6th Road)).
Normally the place will be packed with office workers during the peak hour/lunch break (1.00pm to 2.00pm).

Their Signature Food .... White Carrot Soup and Stew Pork Leg.

Business Hours : Lunch Only.
Contact : Lay Keow (H/P # 016-455 3071) / Lay Kheng (H/P # 016-425 9425)
Prices : Reasonable.

Business Card of Yam Rice with the Location Map

No. 01 : View of SRJK (C) Beng Teik which is located opposite of
Yam Rice (Sin Chew Coffee Shop).

No. 02 : View of the SRJK (C) Eng Chuan.

No. 03 : View of Sin Chew Coffee Shop at the Junction of Mc Nair Street & Katz Street.
The Building has been considered as Heritage.

No. 04 : The Interior of Sin Chew Coffee Shop.

No. 05 : A Bowl of Yam Rice.

No. 06 : White Carrot Soup with 'Bak Kut' with 'Jiu Hu See - Signature Dish.'
(Hokkien: Chai Tau Th'ng)
Note : When you order a bowl of this soup, you will get free top up.

No. 07 : 'Bak Kin' Soup

No. 08 : Closed Up View of 'Bak Kin'

No. 09 : Stew Pork with Black Soya Sauce (Hokkien: Tau Ewe Bak).
RM3.00 per Small Bowl with 3 pieces of Pork.

No. 10 : Bittergourd with Eggs.

No. 11 : 'Lor Bak' - Deep Fried Seasoned Sliced Pork wrap up with Bean Curb Skin.

No. 12 : Shrimp Fritters.

No. 13 : Assam Shrimps  - Shrimps seasoned with Tamarind.

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