Sunday, June 7, 2009

Best Home Made Egg & Coconut Jam, Magazine Road, Penang.

This is truly the Best Home Made Egg & Coconut Jam. To the local it is known as "Kaya Jam".

Egg & Coconut Jam is commonly found in most of the coffee shop/'kopitam'. It is used to spread on bread/toasted bread for breakfast or tea. Not forgetting to go with 'Pulut Tai Tai' (Nyonya Kuih). Some local people call it 'Kuih Kaya'. You may try to spread it on the Cream Cracker for light snack.

'Kaya' in Bahasa Malaysia means 'Rich'. Who knows after taking this will become rich..LOL

It is sold on the counter of the 'Kopitam' at No. 227, Magazine Road, Penang (Opposite Komtar/Near to Traffice Light/Near Gama).

Location Map
Google Map GPS : 5.413834,100.329058

No. 01 : View of the 'Kopitam' at No. No. 227, Magazine Road, Penang

Business Hours :-
8.00 am until late afternoon.

Closed on every Sunday.

Price : RM2.70 per Container.

No. 02 : Have to keep on stirring the 'Kaya Jam' to prevent it from being burnt.

No. 03 : Eggs and Coconut Milk are mixed together

No. 04 : The 'Kaya Jam' are ready for Sale at the counter
Price : RM2.70 per Container

Rating of the Taste : 4/5

You will always find it Fresh & No preservative is added to it.

 UPDATED ON 15th JULY 2010 (i.e. FRI)

 No. 05 : The Price of 'Kaya Jam' has been increased to RM3.10
(Note : Increased by RM0.40)

No. 06 : View of the 'Kaya Jam'
Rating of the Taste : 4/5 (Still Remai Unchanged)

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