Monday, September 20, 2010

Deen Nasi Kandar @ Transfer Road (Halal)

Deen Nasi Kandar is located infront of Toon Leong Coffee Shop at the Junction of Transfer Road & Argyll Road, Penang.

Location Map of Deen Nasi Kandar
Googled Map GPS : 5.421461,100.330823

It is very popular among the office workers in the heart of George Town. Most of them will stop by the stall before going to their office. Some of them will have their breakfast there or take away.

No. 01 : View of Toon Leong Coffee Shop at the Junction of
Transfer Road & Argyll Road, Penang.

No. 02 : View of the Deen Nasi Kandar with a long queue from Transfer Road

No. 03 : The Customers were queuing up for their turn to order their favourite Nasi Kandar

No. 04 : Display of Dishes in the Glass Cabinet

No. 05 : Display of Dishes on the Shelves

No. 06 : Signature Dish - Catfish Curry
Limited be there early.
RM2.70 per piece.

I find that the prices on the food are cheap and reasonable.
The food are tasty and delicious with the rich fragnant of spices.
There are about eleven (11) choices of simple dishes.

No. 07 : The Price List was placed on the Wall beside the Stall

No. 08 : Simple & Delicious Nasi Kandar.

1/2 Telor, 2 Kajang Bendi, 1 Ketul Daging & 1/2 Nasi = RM2.80
OMG .......The 'kuah campur' taste like heaven

Please do not forget to order a hot cup of Kopi O Kaw with rich aroma of coffee from Toon Leong Coffee Shop If you are a local coffee lover.

No. 09 : Local Kopi O Kaw
Do not miss this out when you are there.

 UPDATED ON 22nd DEC. 2010 (i.e. WED)

Kindly take note that there were changes on the Price List.

The following changes were as follow:-
  1. Nasi Putih (Plain Rice) : From RM0.80 - RM1.30 to RM1.00 - RM1.50
  2. Sotong (Squid) - Ikut Saiz (According to Size) : From RM1.50 - RM3.00 to RM2.00 - RM3.00
  3. Telur Goreng (Poached Egg) : RM0.90 to RM1.00
After the increased of the above mentioned items, I still find that the prices are still reasonable.

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