Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Penang's Popular Pi Pa Duck - Restoran Chu Yoke Weng (Not Halal)

Restoran Chu Yoke Weng is famous for its 'Pi Pa' Duck and it is located at the side of Kedai Kopi Bee San at the Junction of Air Itam Road & Boundary Road, Penang.The Boss Mr. Low has been operating there for more than 20 years.
Besides 'Pi Pa Duck, they also serve Roasted Duck Rice, Roasted Duck & BBQ Pork Rice, Roasted Duck & Roasted Pork Rice, Roasted Ducks' Drumsticks, BBQ Pork Rice, Roasted Pork Rice and Sweet & Sour Soup ('Kim Chye').

Location Map of Restoran Chu Yoke Weng @ Kedai Kopi Bee San
Google Map GPS :

No. 01 : Nite View of Kedai Kopi Bee San

No. 02 : View of the Stall beside the Kedai Kopi Bee San

Business Hours :-
5.30pm to 9.00pm

Contact :-
H/P # 016-4555 128
Price List :-
Pi Pa Duck (Whole) : RM38.00
Pi Pa Duck (Half) : RM19.00

No. 03 : The Price List of the Pi Pa Duck

No. 04 : The Menu with the Price List of other dishes
No. 04 : View of the Pi Pa Duck

No. 05 : Bathing the Pi Pa Duck with Hot Boiling Oil.

No. 06 : Closed Up View showing the Pi Pa Duck in the Hot Boiling Oil.

The Pi Pa Duck will be deep fried until it is rich with golden colour
 and also the skin becomes crispy.

No. 07 : The Pi Pa Duck is ready to be packed and take away
Rating of the Taste : 5/5

Try to eat the Hot Pi Pa Duck on the spot and not to have it take away (ta pau)
while the skins of the Pi Pa Duck are still crispy.

No. 08 : The Restoran Chu Yoke Weng has a Branch which is located opposite of
Tesco Extra, Penang.

The Branch of Restoran Chu Yoke Weng is located at No. 20, Jalan Pekaka 1, Sungai Dua, 11700 Penang and it is equiped with Air Cond.

Location Map of the Restoran Chu Yoke Weng Branch
Google Map GPS :

Contact :-
Handphone # : 012 - 421 0980
Tel # : 604 - 656 8178

Business Hours :-
 11.00am to 3.00pm / 5.30pm to 9.00pm

Closed on every Wednesday

No. 09 : The Business Card of the Branch Restoran

No. 10 : View of Restoran Chu Yoke Weng's Branch at No.  20, Jalan Pekaka 1, Sungai Dua,
11700 Penang from the Opposite of Tesco (Extra) & Sri Krishna Temple.

No. 11 : Closed Up View of Restoran Chu Yoke Weng's Branch

No. 12 : Menu (Section A)

No. 13 : Menu (Section B)

No. 14 : Menu (Section C)

No. 15 : Menu (Section E & F)

No. 16 : Crispy Skin of Pi Pa Duck (Half Bird)

No. 17 : The Pi Pa Duck must be accompanied by this Sweet Savoury Sauce made from
 Tau Cheong, Garlic, Peanuts, Shallots & Plum Sauce

Do not miss this Sweet Savoury Sauce while you are eating the crispy Pi Pa Duck.

No. 18 : Crispy & Barbeque Pork

No. 19 : Home Cook Eggs & Bean Curds with Soy Sauce

No. 20 : Water Cress Soup

Watercress is a good source of vitamins A, C, B1, B6, K and E, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese and zinc. Its many therapeutic uses include coughs, head colds, bronchial ailments and toning the body system.

No. 21 : Sweet & Sour Soup (Kim Chye Boey).

No. 20 : Deep Fried Dumpling

No. 21 : Showing the Ingredients of the Deep Fried Dumpling

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