Sunday, May 24, 2009

Penang Famous Cucuk Udang @ Johor Road (Halal)

This Cucuk Udang Stall have been patronized by me for more than 35 years and I still find  that it is the best in town until todate.

The Cucur Udang Stall have been carried out by 3 generations in the Food Court at Jalan Johor, Penang (Off Jalan Dato Keramat/Near Convert Dato Keramat School).

Location Map of Penang Famous Cucuk Udang
Google Map GPS : 5.413007,100.318351

Business Hours : 1.30pm until 6.00pm
Advisable not to go there after 5.00pm cos' mostly it will be SOLD OUT.

Menu with the Prices List.
1 pc of Cucuk Udang = RM0.80
1 pc of Tau Kua = RM0.80
1 pc of Hot Dog = RM0.80
1 pc of Fish / Fish Cake / Popia = RM0.50

No. 01 : The Menu with the Price List
The Cucuk Udang is made up of fresh shrimps and bean sprouts mixed together flour before deep fried. It will be served with a small bowl of a special gravy made from tapioca which is very similar the Hainan Satay's gravy together pounded groundnut.
The taste is still Yummmmmy.

No. 02 : View of Hawkers Food Court at Jalan Johor, Penang.

No. 03 : View of "Cucuk Udang" Stall inside the Food Court.
No. 04 : Deep Fried Cucuk Udang in the process.

No. 05 : Cucur Udang will be served together a special bowl of gravy filled with
pounded groundnuts.

Rating of the Taste : 5/5

Note : 1-2 (Poor) / 3 (Average) / 4 (Good) / 5 (Very Good)

UPDATED ON 13th SEPT. 2011 (i.e. TUE)
No. 06 : Changes of Business Hours and Price List

Business Hours :-
From 1.30 pm to 6.30 pm
Note : To avoid disappointment be there before 5.00pm
Closed on every Tuesday

New Price List :-
1 pc of Cucur Udang - RM1.00 (Increased by RM0.20)
1 pc of Telur Taukua - RM0.80 (Remained Unchanged)
1 pc of Taukua Udang - RM1.00 (Increased by RM0.20)
1 pc of Ubi Kentang Goreng - RM0.80 (Remained Unchanged)
1 pc of Hot Dog (Sosej) - RM0.80 (Remained Unchanged)
1 pc of Fish Ball / Fish Cake (Bebola) - RM0.50 (Remained Unchanged)
1 pc of Popia Gorent - RM0.50 (Remained Unchanged)
1 pc of Crab Stick (Jejari Ketam) - RM0.50 (Remained Unchanged)

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