Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Penang Famous Char Koay Kak @ Macalister Lane (Non Halal)

The Char Koay Kak Hawker has been operating for more than 35 years and has been considered as one of the famous Char Koay Kak Stalls on Penang Island.

Long time ago the Hawker used to station at the junction of Burmah Road and Macalister Lane in front of a 'Kopitam' which has been demolished and 3 Storey Building has been erected there. Currently Hong Leong Bank Berhad is occupying the building now.

Location Map the Char Koay Kak Stall
Google Map GPS : 5.417146,100.329047

Business Hours : Morning until Noon

Small Palte without Egg = RM1.70
Small Plate with Egg = RM2.20
Big Plate with Egg = RM2.70

No. 01 : The Char Koay Kak is always stationed along the Macalister Lane
before the Kedai Kopi Seow Fong Lye

No. 02 : The view of the Char Koay Kak Stall

She is willingly to deliver your ordered to either one of the coffee shops (i.e. Kedai Kopi Seow Fong Lye and Kedai Makanan Kim Lei) which are close by.

No. 03 : View of the Char Koay Kak with Chicken Egg
Rating of the Taste : 4/5

A piece of Banana Leave will be placed below the Hot Char Koay Kak to enhence the aroma.
Sometimes it is a bit oily. You can inform the lady that you do not wish your Char Koay Kak to be that oily and she is willingly to oblige your request.

No. 04 : Closed Up View of the Char Koay Kak

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