Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Penang Famous 'Hock Kean Char' @ Air Itam (Non Halal)

The 'Hock Kean Char' is located inside the MPPP Annex Pasar Air Itam"/Food Court which is just opposite of Air Itam Wet Market at Jalan Pasar, Penang.

The Location Map of Penang Famous Hock Kean Char.
Google Map GPS : 5.401492,100.278043

It is exactly opposite the Famous Laksa Stall (Air Itam Market).
The couple has been operating the 'Hock Kean Stall' for more than 30 years.
Although there is a long queue, you do not have to wait for your food for long hours.
Business Hours : Night

Price : RM3.50 per plate (Small).
The portion is just enough for one person.

The MPPP Annex Pasar Air Itam"/Food Court has been reburbished and completed with tiles.

 No. 01 : View of MPPP Anex Pasar Air Itam during the night.

No. 02 : The Signage of MPPP Annex Pasar Air Itam.

No. 03 : The Stall of Hock Kean Char is located inside the MPPP Anex Pasar Air Itam.

No. 04 : How the "Hock Kean Char" was prepared.

No. 05 : His wife was helping out the stall.

No. 06 : Filling the plates with "Hock Kean Char"
His name is 'Ah Chai'

No. 06 : View of the "Hock Kean Char" - Price : RM3.50 per plate (Small)
Rating of the Taste : 4/5

 UPDATED ON 10th FEBRUARY 2012 (i.e. FRI)

On 10th February 2012 (i.e. Friday) just immediately after the Chinese New Year (CNY), I decided to go to MPPP Annex Pasar Air Itam"/Food Court to have Ah Chai's Hock Kean Char for my late supper. I learned that he had a long break during the Chinese New Year and he just resumed business as usual on that day. The taste of his Hock Kean Char was still remained unchanged but the price for my usual order has gone up by RM0.50.

No. 07 : Ah Chai is still preparing the 'Hock Kean Char'

No. 08 : The Light Box Signage with the New Display of Price List

The New Price List of Hock Kean Char as follows:-

1)  Small Plate : From to RM3.50 to RM4.00 (Increased by RM0.50)
2)  Medium Plate : From to RM4.50 to RM5.00 (Increased by RM0.50)
3)  Big Plate : From to RM7.00 to RM8.00 (Increased by RM1.00)
4)  Special Big Plate : RM10.00 (Remain Unchanged)

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