Monday, December 6, 2010

Spice Girl Restaurant (Steam Boat), Nagore Road, Penang. (Non Halal)

Spice Girl Restaurant sounds very interesting but it serves fine Steam Boat and Drinks only. It is located at No. 5, Nagore Road, 10050 Penang. The Restaurant is made of units of 2 Storey Heritage Residential Houses which have been converted to Commercial Use.

Location Map of Spice Girl Restaurant
Google Map GPS : 5.421872,100.326558

No. 01 : View of Nagore Road at Night
Spice Girl Restaurant is located on the Right Hand Side of the Road

No. 02 : Front View of the Spice Girl Restaurant

Nice cosy ambience and the whole Restaurant is fully air-conditioned to prevent you from sweating while enjoying the Steam Boat. Very generous with the sauces to go with the Steam Boat Food and good services from the waiters & waitresses.

No. 03 : Nice Cosy Ambience and whole Restaurant is fully air-conditioned

No. 04 : The Business Card of Spice Girl Restaurant

Contact :-
Handphone : 016 - 434 6088 (Mr. Lee Wan Hin)
Tel : 604 - 227 9969
Fax : 604 - 228 0264

Business Hours:-
5.00 pm to 5.00 am

Prices : Average

You will find alot of choices in this Spice Girl Restaurant. It has 8 types of Steam Boat Soup and 129 types of fresh dishes.

Taste of the Pork Leg Soup
Rating of the Taste : 4/5

No. 05 : View of the Entrance with the Menu on the Left Hand Side

No. 06 : The Upper Portion of the Menu - Steam Boat Set for 3-4 Pax at RM43.00

No. 07 : The Lower Portion of the Menu - There are about 129 Fresh Dishes
to go with your favour Steam Boat Soup

No. 08 : The variety of sauces to go with the food

No. 09 : Braised Peanuts will be provided while waiting for your food to be cooked

No. 10 : View of the Steam Boat (Pig Leg Soup)

No. 11 : View of Sugar Cane was used to make the Pig Leg Soup more tasty and sweet

No. 12 : View of a Chuck of Pork Leg to make the stock

No. 13 : View of Minced Pork Paste with an Egg
RM4.00 per Plate

No. 14 : View of Pork Cheese Ball
RM5.00 per Plate

No. 15 : View of Slices of Fried Yam  are added  to the Pork Leg Soup to make
the Soup more tasty
RM3.00 per Plate

No. 16 : View of Beancurd
RM1.50 per Plate

No. 17 : View of Fish Mow
RM8.00 per Plate

No. 18 : View of Quail Eggs
RM3.00 per Plate

No. 19 : View of Fresh Pig Liver
RM3.00 per Plate

No. 20 : View of Fresh Pig Brain
RM4.00 per Plate

No. 21 : View of Vernilelli
RM1.00 per Bowl

No. 22 : View of Udon Noodle
RM2.00 per Bowl

No. 23 : View of Potato Noodle
RM2.00 per Bowl

No. 24 : View of Golden Needle Mushroom
RM4.00 per Plate

No. 25 : View of Sen Choy
RM3.00 per Basket

No. 26 : View of Chinese Cabbage
RM2.00 per Basket

No. 27 : Garlic Oil to be added to the Soup of the Steam Boat

No. 28 : View of the Steam Boat (Pork Leg Soup) with the
Ordered Fresh Dishes as shown in the Picture
RM79.90 inclusive of Drinks (Chinese Tea)  for 3 Pax

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