Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tender Nut & Pandan Coconut Jelly, Thum Enterprice, Penang.

Coconut tree is a very common sight in Malaysia. Coconut Water is the best drink to quench your thirst during the warm humid climate. How about having Pandan Coconut Jelly for a change ??? It will be great to have it as a dessert too.

The taste of the pandan  coconut  and common coconut is totally different because Its juice is sweeter and has pandan fragrance. That is the reason why the local people use to call it 'Pandan Coconut'.

Pandan Coconut Jelly can be obtained from Thum Enterprice of No. 240, Jalan Dato Kramat, 10150. It is located at the Junction of Jalan Dato Kramat and Jalan Melaka.

Location Map of Thum Enterprice
Google Map GPS : 5.412238,100.323479

Handphone # : 012 - 475 1920 / 016 - 415 1920

Mon - Sun

Business Hours :-
7.00 am - 7.00 pm

Price :-
Tender Nut Jelly - RM3.00 each
Pandan Coconut Jelly - RM3.50 each

No. 01 : Business Card of Thum Enterprise

No. 02 : View of Thum Enterprice at No. 240, Jalan Dato Kramat, Penang

No. 03 : General of View of 2 Storey Shop Houses -  Premises No. 224 is just
2 doors away from Thum Enterprice.

No. 04 : View of Premises No. 224, Jalan Dato Kramat, 10150 Penang

Where you can enjoy your favourite coconut drinkings and also together with
Pandan Coconut Jelly inside the Premises under the spinning ceiling fans.

No. 05 : View of the Banner inside the Premises No. 224, Jalan Kramat, Penang

No. 06 : The View of the Vertical Banner on the Column

No. 07 : View of the Coconut Supply

No. 08 : View of Tender Nut Jelly in the Refrigerator

No. 09 : View of Pandan Coconut Jelly in the Refrigerator

No. 10 : Closed View of the Pandan Coconut Jelly

No. 11 : After the Cap of the Pandan Coconut Shell has been removed

No. 12 : Showing the Tender Meat of Pandan Coconut

No. 13 : The Transparent Smooth Jelly of Pandan Coconut with the Pandan Fragrance

Rating of the Taste : 5/5

No. 14 : Removing the Coconut Meat from the shell

No. 15 : The Tender Meat of the Pandan Coconut

No. 16 : The Ice Scoop is used to remove the Coconut Meat from the Shell

No. 17 : Sickle Knives are often use to remove the Coconut Husks

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