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Launching of Carlsberg's ACE Program @ Hard Rock Hotel, Penang.

I was cordially invited to witness the launching of Carlsberg's ACE Program at Hard Rock Hotel, Penang on the 30th May 2011 (i.e. Monday) at 11.00am.
The Launching of Carlsberg's ACE Program was kicked off smoothly accordingly to the schedule.

Carlsberg Malaysia has designed a brand new trade programme, known as the “A” Class Experience (ACE) Program for its supportive trade partners in recognition of their continuous support and effective partner ship. ACE Program is a series of educational and practical training that is aimed at assisting F&B operators in raising the bar to meet the growing expectations of customers in today’s competitive industry.
Designed in collaboration with Taylor’s University, the leading educational institution in Malaysia, this ACE Program will be conducted in Penang on 30th May followed by Johor Baharu on 31 and Kuala Lumpur on 1 June 2011. ACE Program syllabus consist of both off-site and classroom training that will equip Carlsberg Malaysia’s trade partners with a better understanding of the brands under Carlsberg Malaysia as well as day-to-day bar operation skills and customer service excellence. In addition to that, participants will also be able to experience exclusive training with World Class Brewers.
Carlsberg Malaysia will reward the best performing participant of this ACE Program with a fully paid 14-day trip cum practical training to the Jacobsen Brewery and Visitor’s Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark in the year 2012. This winning participant will get the chance to gain exclusive experiences at the Carlsberg headquarters that brewed the first ever Carlsberg beer.

As for the 1st and 2nd runner up, both will also be rewarded with a fully paid trip to one of the Luen Heng F&B Sdn Bhd is the leading supplier in the distribution of premium consumer Beer, Wine & Spirits throughout East & West Malaysia.

“Carlsberg is a brand that strongly believes in ‘Doing The Right Thing’. With that in mind, our partnership with Taylor’s University in this ACE Program aims to provide a rewarding and beneficial experience to our valued trade partners, “ says Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia.

All of these training are made at no cost to the trade partners as Carlsberg Malaysia would like to ensure that this training will benefit the trade partners’ business. This is to showcase that Carlsberg Malaysia is 100% behind its trade partners that made Carlsberg Malaysia the preferred beer brand among its trade partners in Malaysia.

“It is a privilege for Taylor’s to be a part of Carlberg Malaysia’s ACE Program. We are positive that this collaboration will bring about favourite outcomes for all participants.” Says Mr. Haresh Singh Gill, Associate Dean of Enterprise, School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts, Taylor’s University.


Carlsberg Malaysia hosted an offsite training, which consist of a series of practical and contemporary training modules conducted by World Class Brewmasters and expert partners. This training session will be conducted in 3 regions i.e. Penang, Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur to allow exposure to various participants from different georgraphic regions. All these sessions include concise brand knowledge; technical and practical training that is aimed at providing a better understanding of the brands that their outlets represent.

The sessions are :-
  • Carlsberg Beer Portfolio by Ms. Teh Chui Hoon, Marketing Manager of Carlsberg Brands.
  • Kronenbourg 1664, Corona Extra, Danish Royal Stout and Skol by Mr. Edwin Yeo, Marketing Manager of Portfolio Brands.
  • Art of Brewing by Mr. Gunnar Hepp, Brewmaster of Carlsberg Malaysia.
  • Imported Beer Segment (Hoegaarden, Stella Artois, Budweiser & Leffe) by Mr. George Frank Reisch, Brewmaster for A-B InBev.
  • Wine segment by Mr. Sean Soh, Commercial Manager of Luen Heng F&B Sdn Bhd.
  • Jagermeister, Germany by Mr. Eduardo G. Manas, Jr., Area Manager of Jagermeister Mast.
  • Carlsberg Green Label Draught Excellence by Mr. Alvin Yap, Draught Beer Services Manager of Carlsberg Malaysia.
Carlsberg Malaysia aims to offer value-added knowledge to its trade partners via its collaboration with Taylor’s University. The recognized Bar & Beverage Management course by Taylor’s University is a 3-day course that will kick off in Penang on the 4th of July 2011 at the Equotorial Hotel, Penang.

Apart from that, there will also be a half day session on customer service excellence. This module will provide participants the techniques to improve service standards in their outlets.

All modules are approved and governed by Malaysia’s Ministry of Education, which makes it even more enticing to participants as it enhances personal development and knowledge. The ultimate objective is to uplift service standards that will result in customer loyalty. Increased outlet traffic and enhance business profitability.


Among the activities that will be implemented in line with this ACE Program are :-
  • Mystery Shopper Program – Carlsberg Malaysia will deploy a group of mystery shoppers to rove into participating outlets and evaluate the implementation of trainings provided. If the bar staff meets the pre-set standards, RM50 cash will be rewarded on the spot. This is to motivate participating bar staff to deliver constant good performance in their daily work life.
  • Outlet Evaluation – Carlsberg Malaysia will deploy a special taskforce to go around participating outlets and collect feedback from consumers on their preferred bar team / bar outlet. These feedback will be translated into an inter-outlet challenge whereby the top preferred outlet will walk away with a RM30,000 event sponsorship. In addition to that, this special taskforce will educate consumers on the appreciation of the perfect Carlsberg draught beer and promote upcoming Carlsberg promotions.
  • Digital Activation – A dedicated Facebook application that allows Carlsberg Malaysia’s trade partners to constantly monitor their outlets’ preferential ratings by consumers on real time basis. On top of that, this application will assist outlets to understand their customers better and facilitate improvements.
Carlsberg Malaysia’s brand new ACE Program will end its semester in August 2011 and all participating trade partners will be rewarded with a fun-filled outdoor celebration cum graduation party.
No. 01 : Freebies ..1 No. of 8G Pendrive with the Shape of the Green Carlsberg Beer Bottle,
6 Nos. of Test Tubes for Drinking Purpose,
1 Book of Hard Cover Note Book and
1 No. of Multi Opener Kit were found inside the given Bag.

No. 02 : Talks on 'Clean Glass - Water Break Test'

No. 03 : Welcome Speech by Mr. Lim Eng Wah, Penang Regional Manager,
Carlsberg Manager

No. 04 : Hand Printing Ceremony
From Left to Right : Mr. George Frank Reisch, Mr. Sean Soh, Mr. Lim Eng Wah &
Mr. Eduardo G. Manas Jr.

No. 05 : Mr. Eduardo G. Manas Jr. reviewed the some Ingredients used in the preparation of Jagermeister from Germany

No. 06 : Displayed some of the Ingredients of Jagermeister


No. 07 : The Closed Up Views showing some of the Ingredients of Jagermeister
No. 08 : Mr. George Frank Reisch briefed the Media on the Ingredients
and also gave a very interesting talks about Beers

No. 09 : Displayed some of the common Ingredients which are used to brew the Beers

No. 10 : The Closed Up Views on the common Ingredients which are used to brew the Beers

The Official Launching of Carlsberg's ACE Program
A Group Photograph for all the Key People of Carlsberg's ACE Program
                                    Ms. Jasmine Chai                              Ms. Fany Liew
                                 Ms. Mimmy Chan                               Ms. Charlyn Quah
No. 11 : The above photographs showing the Scenes during the Launching of Carlsberg's ACE Program in Hard Rock Hotel

No. 12 : Calsberg's Products

No. 13 : Skol's Products

No. 14 : From Left to Right - Royal Stout, Budweiser & Leffe's Products

No. 15 : From Left to Right - Stella Artois, Hoegaarden & Corona

No. 16 : Kronenbourg 1664

No. 17 : Jagermeister's Products

Buffet Lunch was served with varieties of dishes inside the building of Hard Rock Hotel after the Launching of ACE Program. The dishes were simply exquisite and delicious.

No. 18 : South Western Minestrone

No. 19 : Varieties of Bun to go with the South Western Minestrone

No. 20 : Varieties of Salads (i.e. Char Grill Marinated Chicken Salad, Chilled Cucumber & Tomato Salad with Zesty Italian Dressing, Fire Roasted Caribbean Pasta Salad, Blackened Fish with Citrus & Rocket, Tuscan Antipasti Salad with Freshly Baked Foccacia Bread and Mixed Greens with Shallot Vinaigrette

No. 21 : Varieties of Main Dishes

No. 22 : Varieties of Desserts & Pastries

Carlsberg Malaysia has taken a very bold steps to come up with a brand new trade programme which is know as the "A" Class Experience (ACE) Program to bridge the gap closer with its supportive trade partners and understandings with the its aims by providing the concise brand knowledge, technical 'Know How' and practical training. Besides that Carlsberg Malaysia will be giving away handsome incentives and rewards to their valuable trade partners who have met their standard requirements.

I believe that Carlsberg Malaysia who strongly believes in 'Doing The Right Thing' will archieve greater heights of success in the competitive industry with the positive thoughts and feelings.

It was a golden opportunity given to me to understand how to enhance business profitability.

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