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Coffee & Desserts @ Full of Beans, Straits Quay, Tg Tokong, Penang.

Full of Beans is the right place to unwind yourself by having a few cups of your favourite coffee together with some desserts. Coffee pairs well with desserts which they do not overshadow each other.

The address of Full of Beans is 3A-1-6, Straits Quay Marina Mall, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang 3, 10470 Tanjong Bungah, Penang (Refer No. 02 - The 1st Floor Plan showing the Location of Full of Beans) and it is located on the 1st Floor of of Straits Quay within Seri Tanjung Penang with well planned waterfront community. As you enter from the main entrance of Straits Quay Building, turn on your left hand side and walk straight along the corridor. Use the escalator to go up 1st Floor. Before reaching the 1st Floor the fragrance of coffee will greet you. Upon reaching the 1st Floor you will notice the signage of Full of Beans infront of you.

Location Map of Full of Beans @ Straits Quay, Penang.
Google Map GPS : 5.458143,100.312729

The 1st Floor Plan showing the Location of Full Beans
Contact :-
Full of Beans
Handphone # : 016-411 9066

Address :-
3A-1-6, Straits Quay Marina Mall, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang 3, 10470 Tanjong Bungah, Penang.

No. 01 : View of Straits Quay's Main Entrance from the Balcony

No. 02 : The General View of Full of Beans

No. 03 : The Decorations inside Full of Beans

No. 04 : The Preparation & Brewing of Coffee

The 4 common basic steps of preparing coffee are as follows; Coffee may be purchased unprocessed, or already roasted, or already roasted and ground. Nowadays coffee is often vacuum packed to prevent oxidation and also from losing its properties (i.e. strength). The ground coffee is mixed with hot boiling water for it to brew, and the unwanted gounds will be separated from the liquid coffee for drinking.

In the Full of Beans, you can find that they are using siphone method which is also known as vacuum brewing as shown in one of pictures above. The whole setup appratus of brewing reminds me of the science laboratory during my schoold days. It consists of two chambers: a pot below, atop which is set a bowl or funnel with its siphon descending nearly to the bottom of the pot. The bottom of the bowl is blocked by a filter of glass, cloth or plastic, and the bowl and pot are joined by a gasket that forms a tight seal. Water is placed in the pot, the coffee grounds are placed in the bowl, and the whole apparatus is set over a burner. As the water heats, it is forced by the increasing vapor pressure up the siphon and into the bowl where it mixes with the grounds. When all the water possible has been forced into the bowl the brewer is removed from the heat. As the water vapor in the pot cools, it contracts, forming a partial vacuum and drawing the coffee down through the filter.

Besides the siphon method, there is also another unusual way of processing the coffee which is called Iced Drip Coffee or also known as cold brew coffee. It is done by using a pot of water above a bin of coffee grounds and filter, the water will then slowly drip through the coffee grounds at a rate of about two drips per second. This seeps through the coffee and filter, eventually spinning down the condensation tubes and into a waiting beaker.

1)  Brazil Santos (RM9.50 per Cup) - More suitable for beginners to go with,

2)  Mandheling (RM9.50 per Cup) - This is one is stronger than the Brazil Santos.

3)  Mocha (RM9.50 per Cub) - Among the 3, Mocha has the strongest aroma and thickest taste.

4)  Ice Drip Coffee (RM15.00 per Cub) - Ice Drip Coffee is different from the above because it is served cold. If you are local coffee lover, you will know the taste of the local coffee which are kept in the refrigerator from the Kopitam (Coffee Shop).The taste is a bit sourish as the coffee itself has been fermented.

You will be advised not take your coffee without added sugar because the desserts are already sweet and not to overshadow it. Sweet Forest is serving all kinds of dessert to the diners to savour as a complement to Full of Beans and also offers a selection of sweet treats.

For enquiries and those who are interested in ordering the cake & pastry, kindly contact the following below :-

Contact :-
Sweet Forest
Person : Mr. Darren Wang
Handphone # 012 - 476 5970
Person : Jessy Yeap
Handphone # 106 - 493 6640


No. 05 : Macaron - Cappuccino, Green Tea & Lemon

They are on the sweet taste but each of them have its own flavour and taste. As for me, I prefer the Macaron - Cappuccino & Lemon than Macaron - Green Tea.

No. 06 : Closed Up View of Macaron - Cappuccino

No. 07 : Closed Up View of Macaron - Lemon

No. 08 : Closed Up View of Macaron - Green Tea

No. 09 : French Petits Four - Paris Racing Cicle, Cappuccino Puff, Fruit Tart & Choc Chocolate

No. 10 : French Petits Four - Fruit Tart

Filled with vanilla cream & topped with strawberry, kiwi rose berry or other fruits.

No. 11 : French Petits Four - Choc Chocolate

Pastry with topping of chocolate.

No. 12: French Petits Four - Paris Racing Cicle

With a few pieces of almond flakes on top of the Paris Racing Cicle with fillings. It is not puffy like Choc Chocolate or Cappuccino Puff.

No. 13 : French Petits Four - Cappuccino Puff

Cappuccino Puff is very similar to cream puff with cream filled inside it with the flavour of Cappuccino added on top of it. It was tasty inside my mouth and I love it.

No. 14 : Strawberry Layer Cheese Cake
6 ins : RM42.00 / 9 ins : RM75.00

Fresh strawberry fruits was covered on the top of this cake and the side was full of almond flakes. Layers of cheese were found in between and cookie base at the bottom. Right combination with strawberry flavour always yields good taste.

No. 15 : Pandan Layer Cheese Cake
6 ins : RM42.00 / 9 ins : RM75.00

The cake is made with pandan, layered with cheese and cookies base. Pandanus Amaryllifolius which is a tropical plant and commonly found in the garden or backyard. It is known by the local as pandan. and widely used in Asia cooking. The pandan leaves have its own characteristic aroma. Now the leaves are used as a flavouring for desserts and sweet beverages. Frankly speaking I love the cheese cake with the padan flavoring but not with the coconut flakes.

No. 16 : Semolina Cake
6 ins : RM35.00 / 9 ins : RM58.00

This cake is a bit dry if you compare with the aforesaid cakes. I love the fruity ingredients.

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