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Santorini Cafe @ Jalan Burma, Penang (Pork Free).

Santorini ? What is that ? A lot of locals will start to wonder what is 'Santorini'. Well, Santorini is an island located in the southern Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey. During the thirteenth (13th) century, the Latin Empire named it 'Santorini'. Before it was known as Kallístē (The Most Beautiful One), Strongýlē (The Circular One) or Thēra. I assume that how the proprietors of Santorini Cafe have found a meaningful word for it and named the cafe after the island.

Santorini Cafe is located at No. 94, Burmah Road, 10050 George Town, Penang. It is situated on the left hand side of Burmah Road as you travell along Burmah Road from Penang Road. It is a few doors away after a tall brown building of Chew Thean Yeang Aquarium Sdn Bhd aka CTY Aquarium which is a Pet Shop.

Location Map of Santorini Cafe
Google Map GPS : 5.419068,100.32747

Contact :-
Address : No. 94, Burmah Road, 10050 George Town, Penang.
Tel No. : 604 - 229 2776
Email :
Facebook : Santorini Cafe, Penang

Business Hours :-
Tuesday to Sunday
Lunch : From 11.00 am to 3.00 pm
Dinner : From 5.00 pm to 10.30 pm

Closed on Every Monday

Facilities & Others :-
1)  Indoor : Air Cond & Non-Smoking Area
2)  Outdoor : Ceiling Fan & Smoking Area
3)  Restroom
4)  Car Park - Infront of compound of Santorini Cafe and also at Chew Thean Yeang Aquarium Sdn Bhd aka CTY Aquarium's Car Park at Kedah Road (i.e. behind Santorini Cafe)or New World Park's Car Park (i.e. beside Tune Hotel at Burmah Road).
Note : You will be able get your refund of RM1.00 when you show the parking tickets from New World Park.
5)  Free Wifi
6)  Pork Free

 No. 01 : Light Box Signage of Santorini Cafe

 No. 02 : Front View of Santorini Cafe from Burmah Road

 No. 03 : Welcome Signage and Menu at the entrance

No. 04 : View of the Santorini Cafe's Outdoor Dining Area

No. 05 : Blue Hour Scenes of Santorini Cafe

No. 06 : Wall Decotion inside Santorini Cafe

No. 07 : Dining Area in the Middle Section of Ground Floor

 No. 08 : Beverage - Signature Coffee @ RM6.00 per Glass

If you are a coffee lover, you will definately love this without saying it.

 No. 09 : Beverage - Thirst Quencher @ RM5.00 per Glass

Extracted fruit juice mixed with Red Plum.
It is a perfect thirst quencher for a hot & humid day.
No. 10 : Beverage - Santorini Chocolate @ RM5.50 per Glass

The taste is like Vico/Milo or Ovaltine. Guess the oligo ????

No. 11 : Santorini Craker @ RM4.90 per Basket

It is one of the popular snack food from Kampar, Perak.
Santorini Craker is made from fine thin sheet of bean curd skin which is coated with special fish paste before deep fried.

No. 12 : Appetizer - Santorini Potato Salad @ RM5.00 per Plate

 No. 13 : Soup - Kampar Yue Wat Soup @ RM5.90 per Bowl

I was given to understand that one of the proprietress from Kampar, Perak prepared this homemade dish. It is unlike fish ball.
No. 14 : Rice - Butterine Mantis Prawn Rice @ RM7.90 per Plate

 No. 15 : Rice - Seaweed Fried Rice @ RM6.90 per Plate

It is mainly made up of rice with seaweed and topped with bonito flakes.

No. 16 : Noodle - Drunken Mee Suah @ RM6.90 per Bowl

I prefer the Drunken Mee Suah (Flour Vermicelli) to be cooked with pork bone stock and it would be more tasty. The look is like 'Mee Suah Kor'.

No. 17 : Noodle - Fish Sauce Beehoon (Rice Vermicelli / Rice Sticks) @ RM6.90 per Plate

Fried Rice Vermicelli / Rice Sticks (Bee Hoon) with fish sauce together with Curry Leaves to  give you a special fragrance. This dish was picked up by the Proprietress when she was in Sarawak.

No. 18 : Rice - Mama with Rice @ RM8.90 per Pot

Using Clay Pot to cook the Chicken with special blended sause and served with Rice.

No. 19 : Western Chicken - Coffee Chicken Chop @ RM13.90 per Plate

Coffee is slightly added in this crunchy and cripsy Dish to give a special aroma together with mild flavour of coffee.

No. 20 : Western Chicken - Her-Mus-Ney Chicken Chop @ RM11.90 per Plate

This Dish must go with the given special blended sause which is made up of honey and mustard instead with tomato or chilli sauce.

No. 21 : Western Fish - Oat Fish Chop @ RM12.90 per Plate

Deef Fried Dory Fish Fillet coated with crumbs and topped with sauce (i.e. Thousand Island Sauce & Mayonnaise) and Oat.

No. 22 : Others Western - Mix Grill @ RM20.90 per Plate

No. 23 : Toast - Wonder Box @ RM6.00 per Plate

Very colourful Bread Box filled with Ice Creams and topped with Watermelon Balls, Chocolate Chipps & Chocolate Cream.

Ratings :-

1)  Ambience : 3 (Pleasant)
2)  Choice of Food : 3
3)  Taste of Food : 3 for the above Dishes (Recommended : Coffee Chicken Chop, Oat Fish Chop and Her-Mus-Ney Chicken Chop)
4)  Pricing : 3
5)  Service : 4
6)  Facilities : 3
Note : 1-2 (Poor) / 3 (Average) / 4 (Good) / 5 (Very Good)

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