Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Durian Feast @ Stone House Plantation (Rumah Batu), Sg Pinang, Balik Pulau, Penang.

Durian Feast at the Stone House Plantation (Rumah Batu) which is located at the southwest hilly regions of Penang Island, is a durian orchard consist of 3.6 ha and was arranged by my friend Ms. Grace Lim. Some durian trees are more than five decades old. Normally the old durian trees will bear more tasty and delicious fruits.

It is not easy to locate because it is off the main road. Some claimed that the fertile hill soil, temperature and rainfall makes it ideal for durian cultivation. Durian is a forest fruit and eating it in a natural village surround is a different experience together. Some prefer to squat beside the road-side while licking their fingers away just like enjoying Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Over the years, the popularity of Penang’s durians which is known as KING of Fruits has attracted thousands, both Malaysians and foreigners, to visit Penang Island to savour the fresh fruits at the farms.

It was fine Sunday morning on 19th June 2011, Ms. Bea Chia, Ms. Grace Lim, Ms. Liann Chong Mr. Gianfranco Prati, Ms. Grace Lim’s Brother & Sister-In-Laws and myself gathered at Jalan Lim Lean Teng. At 10.00 am we made our way to Stone House Plantation (Rumah Batu) which is located in the midst hills at Balik Pulau by waving through the busy road of Jalan Air Itam. We took a shorter distance to Balik Pulau by using Jalan Tun Sardon.

Before reaching the little town of Balik Pulau near the 'Kompleks Pasar Awam Balik Pulau' of Lintang Bukit Penara 1 the smell of durian greeted us. The smell was getting stronger as we were passing Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) Chong Teik. Durian Stalls were erected along the road infront of the school. The rubbish centre and bins were filled with unwanted durian skins.

The sleeping township of Balik Pulau were invaded and wakened by durian lovers and it became alive. Again we had to drive through the heavy narrow traffic road of Balik Pulau to turn off into Jalan Sungai Pinang. As we turned into Jalan Sungai Pinang, the flow of the traffic was smoother with less vehicles and the heavy durian scent started to fade.

After passing Sekolah Menangah Kebangsaan Sg Pinang, there was a huge signage showing the direction to Pantai Acheh at the T Junction, we turned into Jalan Pantai Acheh. We passed by a small wet market which is located on our left hand side and Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) Sin Min which is located on our right hand side.

As we were passing by the chinese school and wet market, we came across a bridge. We turned into the off road on our right hand side immediately after crossing the bridge. That off road which allows one vehicle only and will lead us to Stone House Plantation (Rumah Batu).

While travelling along the off road, we enjoyed the cool fresh air and the shades of the tall fruit trees. Upon reaching the neighbourhood with the rubble pitching wall, we were about 100 ft away from the entrance to Stone House Plantation (Rumah Batu). The entrance was on the right hand side with a small concrete bridge built across the narrow stream. There were signages along the path showing the direction to the Stone House Plantation (Rumah Batu). As we travelled along the path, we found the erected Stone House (Rumah Batu) on the gentle slope.

The Location Map of Stone House Plantation (Rumah Batu)

For enquiries and reservations, kindly contact the following below :-

Contact :-
Person : Madam Ooi
Handphone # : 012-430 0127
Person : Mr. Tan Hock Hoe
Handphone # : 012-538 5128

 No. 01 : View of the neighbourhood with the rubble pitching wall just before the Stone House Plantation (Rumah Batu) 

No. 02 : The edge of the Stone House Plantation (Rumah Batu) - Durian Orchard

No. 03 : The Signages showing the Direction to the Stone House Plantation (Rumah Batu)

No. 04 : A hugh boulder as a signage and the view of Stone House Plantation (Rumah Batu) can be seen on the gentle slope of the hill

No. 05 : The general view of Stone House Plantation (Rumah Batu)

No. 06 : The Eating Area with extended shed for customers to enjoy the Durians

No. 07 : The General View of the Stone House Plantation / Durian Orchard

No. 08 : Durians were tied to nylon strings as safety lines to prevent them from falling onto the ground when they are ripe. Falling on a wet or hard ground will cause damage the fruits.

No. 09 : Safety Nets were also laid under the Durian trees to prevent the Durians from being damaged

No. 10 : View of a Nutmeg Tree and the fruit at the orchard

No. 11 : The Interior of the Historical Stone House (Rumah Batu) showing the walls which were erected by granite slabs

It is a century old house which was formerly a base during the World War II. The solid granite wall structure dated back about 100 years. We were lucky that they invited us to tour and view the interior of the Stone House (Rumah Batu).

No. 12 : Mr. HH Tan showed how to open the Durian with a small chopper knife

No. 13 : View of Durian D 600

Flesh : Thick, Yellowish, Gold in Colour, 2-3 Pips per Section
Texture : Rough
Taste : Creamy, Sweet and Slightly Bitter & Alcoholic

I love this one the most because it is creamy and has slightly bitter & alcoholic taste together with sweetness

No. 14 : View of Durian Raja Kunyit

Flesh : Slightly Hard Thick, Yellowish Gold in Colour, Big Cloves with medium sized seeds, with 1-3 Cloves per Pod
Texture : Soft, Shinny and Creamy
Taste : Sweet, Rich and Slightly Fragrant

One Thousand apologies for unable to share the pictures of durians which were eaten by us. I was not fast enough to capture the durians with my Panasonic DMC-LX5  because their hands are faster than mine. LOL !

Before you begin your feast on the selected durians, you have to seek advise which one to start off or else the tastes will be shadowed and you will not be able to enjoy the exact tastes of the durians.

Here is a list of branded durians which are high recommended by durian lovers:-

  1. Ang Hae/Udang Merah (Red Prawn Durian);
  2. Ang Bak/Isi Merah D164;
  3. Ang Jin/Hari Merah;
  4. Ah Kiah (Little Duckling Durian);
  5. Amy Yip (Name after a Sex Boom Hong Kong Actress who has a pair of big breast)
  6. Bak Eu (Pork Lard Durian);
  7. Butter;
  8. D 600;
  9. Cheh Phoy/Kulit Hijau (Green Skin Durian);
  10. Khun Poh
  11. Kim Hoo (Gold Fish Durian);
  12. Hor Loh (Water Gourd Durian);
  13. Lin Fong Jiau (Name after a Hong Kong Actress/aka Mrs. Jackie Chan);
  14. Ooi Kyau (Tumeric Durian);
  15. Raja Kunyit; and
  16. Xiao Hung (Little Red Durian)
Always go for the durian fruits harvested from the matured trees if you want to enjoy the good taste out of it.

Cautious : Those who are having diabetes, gout and high blood pressure should avoid durians.

No. 15 : Ms. Grace Lim, Ms. Bea Chia, Ms. Liann Chong Mr. Gianfranco Prati, Ms. Grace Lim’s Sister-In-Laws and myself were enjoying the fresh durians and the Home Made Nutmeg Juice

No. 16 : It was amazing to watch our friend Mr. Gianfranco Prati enjoying the durian fruits.

Mr. Gianfranco Prati is an Italian who has travelled all the way from Italy to Penang to meet some of the facebook friends whom he has befriended with. He put on Penang for 1 month.

 No. 17 : View of Home Made Durian Cakes (Durian Kuih/Lempuk)
RM10.00 per Stick of Durian Cake (Durian Kuih/Lempuk)

Durian is usually eaten fresh on its own, it can also be processed into Tempoyak (Fermented Durian), Lempuk (Durian Cake) and used flavour a wide variety of sweet edibles such as traditional Malay candy, Ice Kacang, Ice Cream, Milk Shake, Wajik, Dodol and so forth.

No. 18 : Mr. Gianfranco Prati was posing with the
Lempuk/Durian Kuih (Durian Cake) in his hand

Durian Cake (Lempuk/Durian Kuih) is a traditional durian product that is long lasting, ready to eat and classified as Intermidiate Food Moisture (IMF), a product that features itself as a conventional dry food that is stable and as a fresh food that can easily spoil. The features much depend on the moisture content and/or water activity.

Traditional produced Lempuk/Durian Kuih (Durian Cake) is a mixture of durian flesh and sugar, non-glutinous flour as the coupling agent and water. The mixture which is porridge-like is then contiously cooked until it reaches its desired stickness with constant heat. While cooking the mixture, it must be constantly stirred to prevent it from getting burnt. The Lempuk/Durian Kuih (Durian Cake) which is still hot will be shaped into various lengths and diameters. The colour ranges from bright to dark gold and packed in an appropriate plastic filament packaging. The protein content is quite low but its energy level is high.

No. 19 : Mr. Tan and his wife posed before my camera


No. 20 : Wheelbarrows were used to carry the harvested durian

No. 21 : Rattan Baskets are used to hold the Durians

No. 22 : The Worker has to brush the Durians to make the checking easier

No. 23 : Madam Ooi was sorting out the durians and tying up the Durians

No. 24 : The sorted Durians were reserved and waiting for their Customers to collect

All of us enjoyed every moment of eating the durians heartily. Among us Mr. Gianfranco Prati  who travelled all the way from Italy to Penang, enjoyed the most and experienced what was durian feast in a durian farm. We loved to see him behaved like an ordinary Malaysian bite, chewing, sucking and licking the durian flesh away.

I am going to share with my friends by paying an early visit to this durian orchard again in the next season and not to miss all the goodies.

I would like take this opportunity to thank Ms. Grace Lim and her Brother & Sister-In-Laws on behalf of Ms.Bea Chia, Ms. Liann Chong and Mr. Gianfranco Prati for arranging this enjoyable Durian Feast for us before I pen off.


  1. Looks great. Must try one of these days. Unfortunately, caught flu and soar throat. Can eat that for some time. Hope can get well in time.

  2. What a fabulous feast! Oh, I deeply missed Penang Durian.

  3. Sam... are the off-roads paved... strewn with pebbles... or red-earth.? and were the roads going up to Stone House steep.? ;)

  4. NutzeyWagen : The condition of off road / path to the Rumah Batu.... some parts are paved / filled with red earth & pebbles and slopes are very gradual.

  5. hye sam....i tgh search about rubble pitching wall... tiba2 jumpa blog u yg best ni...:)